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The best Japanese hair straightening in London


What is Japanese hair straightening?

japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning, is a hair treatment that has become popular in cities like New York, London, and Tokyo, and has since gained a global following. Japanese hair straightening is a popular hair service that can transform any hair type into sleek, straight hair. My Snug Room has been recognized as one of the 10 best Japanese hair salons in London.
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Is Japanese hair straightening bad for your hair?

Japanese hair straightening is a chemical process that can damage hair. While some people may believe that this treatment makes hair look healthy, the inside of the hair is damaged by the chemical process. Despite this, many people choose to get Japanese hair straightening because it makes hair look shiny and smooth, giving it a healthy appearance.

How long does Japanese straightening last?

japanese hair straightening

The duration of Japanese hair straightening depends on the hair type. Short hair typically lasts for 2 to 4 months, medium hair for 3 to 5 months, and long hair for 4 to 6 months. As your hair grows out, the roots may become wavy, and the shape of your hair will change.

Is Japanese hair straightening permanent?

japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening results in pin-straight locks that are permanent, as long as you take good care of your hair. However, if your hair is damaged or you color it too much, it can weaken and slightly change the shape of your hair over time.

What is better, Keratin or Japanese straightening?

japanese hair straightening

Unlike Japanese hair straightening, which produces stick-straight locks, a keratin treatment primarily prevents frizz while only reducing wave or curl. However, it is super easy and quick to get the hair to become stick-straight with minimum effort.
Japanese hair straightening is better if you have strong, curly hair or want pin-straight locks. If your hair is already damaged or bleached, a keratin treatment would be better.
Each treatment has its pros and cons, so it's better to talk to a hairdresser about which service is best for your hair type.

How do you maintenance after Japanese hair straightening?

japanese hair straightening

After getting Japanese hair straightening, it's important to be careful with your hair. You should not wash or clip your hair into a ponytail for at least 48 to 72 hours while it sets. If you are thinking of getting blonde highlights or a curly style, you need to ask your hairdresser before doing so. Any additional chemicals will only add to the damage, so you should be aware of what is good or not for your hair in the future.

How much does Japanese hair straightening cost?

Cut, shampoo, and dry are included in the prices at My Snug Room:
Regrowth (up to 2.5 inches): £320
Regrowth/Very curly hair (up to 5 inches): £380
Full head: £380
Full head/Very curly hair: £430
Fringe straightening (Fringe cut included): £90
Combination of roots straightening and bottom digital perm: £450

How Japanese hair straightening works

japanese hair straightening

The process involves shampooing, applying the first solution, rinsing and drying, ironing, applying neutralizer, washing out, and styling. The whole process takes 2 to 4 hours depending on hair type. If your hair is very curly or thick, it may take longer.

Japanese hair straightening reviews

My Snug Room has received numerous positive reviews for its Japanese hair straightening services, with customers praising the staff's professionalism and the results of the treatment.
Amazing experience. I got a full hair straightening treatment and the outcome is really great. Super happy with my new hair texture, there are super shiny and healthy. Erika, the hairdresser who has done my hair was also wonderful, she was always checking if I was doing alright during the work and gave me explanations for every step as it quite a long process. Definitely recommend this place for any hair straightening treatments !! Google review
My snug room is such a cozy and friendly environment. The staff does their very best to look after you. I have been coming for 3 years now for hair straightening and the results are fabulous. Highly recommend it to anybody..also it's in a fun area of Soho so lots to do nearby Google review
I have just had Japanese hair straightening at this place. I cannot stress how happy I am with their treatment and services! Extremely, professional, polite, helpful staff. Love them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Google review
The staffs are professional and I had a very pleasant experience overall. The Japanese straightening was perfect and my hair looks straight but perfectly healthy and natural. Treatwell
I am mix race, white and black African so I have quite a voluminous Afro, normally it takes 5 hours to do the straightening , they did it in 3 with no problem at all! My hair is super straight and healthy. Also loved the extra touch of a head massage. I must admit it’s quite pricy... I’ve had my hair done all over the world including New York , Sydney , Tokyo ... this is by far the most expensive and I am not sure if I can afford using them again, But this place guarantees straightening if you don’t want to take a chance at a cheaper place Treatwell
I loved going here, and will be going again for sure. I had the Japanese permanent hair straightening, and just washed my hair after the suggested 48 hours. I let my hair dry naturally, and it's silky straight. My hair has never felt like this, no frizz in sight. Worth every penny. I loved the staff too, they are extremely considerate, professional and kind. Best salon I've been to so far. I also very much loved the yuzu tea. Treatwell

Japanese straightening before and after

japanese hair straightening
japanese hair straightening
japanese hair straightening

Here are some pictures of our customers. As you can see, their hair results are super shiny and look healthy. All of our hairdressers have a lot of experience with hair straightening and try to minimize damage.

The best hair salon for Japanese hair straightening in London

japanese hair straightening salon

My snug room is the specialist of Japanese Hair Straightening in London.
We are the best hair salon for Japanese hair straightening in London, catering to all hair types, including Caucasian, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, and mixed hair. With over 10 years of experience, My Snug Room is a specialist in Japanese Hair Straightening in the heart of Soho.
If you want what you haven't got, we can give it to you.
Our Hair salon is located in the heart of Soho.
Only 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus station and Tottenham Court Road station.
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MY SNUG ROOM /Japanese Hair salon
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