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Our original hair product "Anti" shea butter is coming soon!! 

Our original hair product "Anti" shea butter is coming soon!! 

Shea butter, which is rich in plant-derived ingredients and can be used in all aspects of face, body and hair care, has in recent years become a must-have item used by many people.
We will now explain the characteristics of shea butter and the new products that My Snug Room will be selling

What is shea butter?

'Shea butter' contains 'noki seeds' as a vegetable oil, which acts as a body-friendly ingredient and can therefore be used efficiently all over the body.
As such, it is also effective in repairing hair as a damaged hair care product.
Furthermore, it can be used as a hair wax, for example, to give hair a natural shine.
This product has a wide range of uses as a beauty item and is highly recommended.
Shea butter used on the hair and left on the hands can be applied to the skin as a hand cream or body cream.
This will help your skin retain its natural moisture over time.

Types of shea butter

There are many products related to shea butter.
Here are some points to check in order to choose the right shea butter for you.

Unrefined type of shea butter

Shea butter is extracted using traditional methods without the use of scientific chemicals, for example in the shea butter region.
It is in a natural state, with the original colour and fragrance of shea butter remaining, and has a creamy colour and unique fragrance derived from natural shea butter.
In some cases, natural ingredients and other ingredients are mixed into the shea butter to give it an easy-to-use texture.
These natural items are good for the skin and full of nourishing ingredients.

Refined types of shea butter

Shea butter in an unrefined state, from which trace elements have been extracted to make it easier to use.
By removing shea butter's unique fragrance and trace elements, it is more gentle on the skin.
Of course, refined shea butter is also full of ingredients that are good for the skin, and because the trace elements have been removed, it can be used safely by people with sensitive skin and even babies.

Scented shea butter or unscented shea butter

Beauty products containing shea butter are also available in shea butter with a gentle fragrance.
Scented shea butter is recommended for those who do not like the natural scent of shea butter.
Note that the fragrance of unscented shea butter varies greatly between unrefined and refined types.
Unrefined shea butter has a strong original scent of shea butter, so if you are concerned about the unique scent, choose refined shea butter.

How to style hair with shea butter.

Finally, here are some recommended hairstyles that utilise shea butter.
It can be used for a variety of lengths, from short to medium and long hair, so please take a look.

Short hair × shea butter

By applying shea butter mainly to the ends of straight hair, you can create a shiny and dynamic look.
You can also create a fluffy feel by creating a style with movement from the top.
At this point, try applying a thin layer of shea butter throughout the hair and styling it to create the appearance of wet hair.
The key is to use a thin layer to avoid applying too much to one part of the hair.
Just a little bit of dynamism in the hair will give it a soft and gentle look.

Long hair × shea butter

Women with long hair can also use shea butter to make their dry ends look moist and shiny and radiant.
It is therefore recommended for use by those who are concerned about damage to the ends of their hair, or those with hair that tends to spread out.
By using it on long hair, you can create trendy hairstyles, such as a very intelligent woman's image.

Perm hair × shea butter

If shea butter is applied while making good use of permed hair, a moist feeling can be experienced towards the ends.
For a cleaner habituation, utilise a hairdryer to apply the styling.
Afterwards, when the hair has cooled down, the wax will naturally harden to achieve shiny hair with reduced spreading.
If you feel that your permanent hair lacks staying power, try using shea butter on a daily basis.

Straight perm × shea butter

Straightened hair ends tend to feel a little dry.
So you can keep your hair straight and shiny by spreading a thin layer of Shea butter on your hands and adding a little to the surface and ends of your hair to keep it manageable and shiny.
Care must be taken not to apply too much, as it can easily become sticky and flat.

Our original hair product “Anti”  shea butter is coming soon!!

It’s a Shea butter based product for creating wet and undone hair look, also giving anti frizz and hydration effects. 
Suitable for all type of hair and body.
Sandalwood and Bergamot smells are available.
If you're interested, get in touch!