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Best scalp massage hair salon in London

Best scalp massage hair salon in London

「Is it true that scalp massage makes hair grow back?」
「I want to know how to massage my scalp to prevent hair loss.」
Scalp massage, which promotes blood circulation in the scalp, is one type of hair growth care recommended for people with hair problems.
Not only does it improve hair problems, it can also relieve sagging skin and stiff neck and shoulders.
It is something that can be done anywhere, regardless of location, so if you are concerned about hair loss or thinning hair, you should make a habit of scalp massage.
This article provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to perform scalp massages to improve hair growth.

Does scalp massage make hair grow?

Scalp massage is one of the most cost-effective hair growth treatments.
It can help prevent hair loss and fine hair by continuing it every day, so if you have hair problems, start practising it today.
One point we would like to make sure there is no misunderstanding: scalp massage does not immediately and dramatically increase the amount of hair.
It is only a 'hair growth stimulator' and you will not see the changes you want after just one or two massages.
In order to grow healthy hair with scalp massage, you should first understand exactly why scalp massage is good for your hair.

Scalp massage activates hair papilla cells

The papilla cells are like a 'hair command post' that instructs the hair to send the nutrients necessary for hair growth.
When papilla cells are active, the surrounding hair matrix cells repeatedly divide and multiply.
This leads to an increase in hair volume and the growth of thicker individual hair strands, so scalp massage is thought to promote hair growth.

A scalp environment conducive to hair growth.

Healthy hair growth requires

  • Well-balanced nutrition
  • Good blood circulation
  • These two conditions must be met

Hair grows from nutrients taken in from the diet.
The ingested nutrients travel throughout the body by blood, so if blood flow to the scalp is poor, the nutrients necessary for hair growth will not be adequately distributed.
Causes of poor blood circulation include lack of exercise, cold and stiff shoulders, but a scalp massage can improve blocked blood flow.
This makes it easier for nutrients to reach the hair, thereby creating a scalp environment conducive to hair growth.

Can also be expected to improve grey hair and facial sagging

Scalp massage can be expected to improve grey hair and ageing as well as prevent thinning hair.
Poor blood circulation is one of the causes of grey hair growth. As scalp massage has the effect of stimulating blood circulation, it is thought to have a certain effect on the prevention of grey hair.
In addition, as the skin of the head and face are connected, a change in facial expression can be seen if the stiffness of the scalp is relieved.
Sagging and dullness of the face line can be improved, so scalp massage is also recommended for women interested in anti-ageing care.

Methods of scalp massage effective in combating thinning hair.

Scalp massage and can be done at any time and place, but you must learn how to do it correctly to improve thinning hair.
Here we will explain the tips and methods of scalp massage in three steps.

Step 1: Fir and relax the entire scalp.

To find areas that are prone to fatigue and stiffness, start by firring and relaxing the entire scalp evenly.
Stimulate the scalp using your fingers or the palms of your hands with just enough strength to feel comfortable.
It is easier to understand if you massage each part separately, such as the hairline, sides, top of the head, back of the head and base of the neck.

Step 2: Partial acupressure.

Carefully massage the areas that are stiff.
It is OK if the hardened scalp feels softened, and there is no need to stimulate so strongly that you feel pain.

Step 3: Lift the skin upwards.

Finally, slowly pull up the scalp as if lifting the skin.
As blood circulation improves, the head, face and shoulder area will feel warm and fuzzy.
For self-care, use Steps 1-3 as a set, taking about five minutes each time.

Frequently asked questions about scalp massage

Q.Should I apply oil for scalp massage?

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should apply oil.
Scalp massage can be done during shampooing, or after washing your hair and then applying oil or lotion to massage it in.
It does not mean that it is ineffective if you do not apply oil, so it is recommended to use different oils for different skin types and at different times.

Q.Is it true that excessive scalp massage is counterproductive?

Excessive scalp massage can cause itching, dandruff and odour.
Too much force can also cause headaches and dizziness, so prolonged massage should be avoided.

Q. Is scalp massage effective for thinning hair in women?

It may be effective.
Women are prone to poor blood circulation due to cold and swelling.
Many are concerned about sagging facial lines as they age, so scalp massage is recommended to take care of both hair and skin.

Hair salons in London where scalp massages are popular.

MY SNUG ROOM is a Japanese-owned beauty salon in London.
We offer scalp massage, a very popular menu in Japan and Asia, to many people in London.
We have been improving our scalp massage techniques over the years and our customers are more than happy with our menu.

Products used in head spas (davines naturaltech)

At My Snug Room, we use davines naturaltech products for our scalp massage.
As the name suggests, "naturaltech" is a series of products designed to achieve the perfect synergy between nature (NATURAL), science (TECHNOLOGY) and humanity.
The NATURAL-TECH range is a harmonious combination of NATURAL, TECHNOLOGY and humanity.
The Natural Tec range consists of 8 different shampoos with different effects and fragrances, so you can choose the one that best suits your scalp and hair needs, as well as the fragrance you prefer.

Price of a scalp massage


Davines scalp reconditioning treatment £100
Relaxation head spa treatment

My Snug Room offers two types of scalp massage courses.
The Scalp reconditioning treatment is recommended for those with scalp problems or issues.
The Headspa is designed to treat your scalp and hair.
At My Snug Room, many of our customers have experienced our scalp massage menu.
The skill and comfort of the scalp massage is the main attraction.


When you have a scalp massage treatment in our salon, you will experience the best service with a full flat shampoo, very relaxing.