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The best spiral perms in London.

Speaking of perms, larger curls, such as loose or iron curls, are popular in asia.
However, in the West, spiral perms with firmer, stronger curls are very popular.
If you want to have a spiral perm but don't know what kind of hair design or how strong it should be, please refer to this article.
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What is a spiral perm?

Spiral perms are a perm technique in which the hair is wrapped around a cylindrical rod in a spiral (helical) spiral shape.
By winding the hair into a spiral state, it is possible to create stronger curls with more volume, three-dimensionality and ridge from the root, compared to normal perms.
Recently, spiral perm curls and techniques have been applied to create curls that suit more contemporary hair designs
Recently, more and more people prefer the image of a mature and independent woman, as in foreign-style hair design, and the number of people who have strong perms is very high.
Medium-haired people who are wondering whether to have a strong digital perm should know about its characteristics for reference.

Female spiral perms are popular with celebrities.

Did you know that many female celebrities also have spiral perms?
Spiral perms change the design of the finished curls depending on the size of the rods used, the way they are wound, the way the hair is bundled and the strength of the chemicals used.
Not only strong curls, but also loose curls with a 3D effect are popular.

Are there advantages & disadvantages of spiral perms?

If you are thinking about trying a spiral perm, it is very important to be well informed about the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Easy to create volume even for people with fine hair.
  • Very good 3D effect.
  • Gives a big change.

Spiral perms can be used with fine rods to create finer curls, or with larger rods to create loose, three-dimensional curls that are more modern.
It is therefore recommended for people with fine hair and those who tend to have flat hair with no volume at the top.
This design is very popular with people who like a mode-like style and mature atmosphere.


  • Strong perms can damage the hair.
  • Styling might be difficult.
  • Hair tends to spread easily

In order to get a stronger perm, it is necessary to select rods with some stronger chemicals and curls.
A knowledgeable and skilled hairdresser can achieve the desired design with the minimum amount of damage required, but if not, care must be taken to avoid damage.
Also, after a strong digital perm, the hair will tend to spread out with natural drying unless it is styled to some extent.
It is important to remember that styling is also necessary if you have a spiral perm.

Are spiral perms unpopular with young women?

I see online that hair designs with strong curls, like spiral perms, are not popular among young women.
For women, there are so many people who enjoy designing their hair with colour and cut.
For women, the strength of the curls can make a big difference to the look and feel of the hair, so by making the curl strength a design that suits you, you can get a curl style that suits young women as well.

Types of spiral perms by length.

The length and strength of each spiral perm can significantly change the look and feel of the hair.
We would like to show you some hair designs as a starting point to get an idea of your length and preferred curl strength.

Spiral perm and bob

Bobs tend to be flat and have little movement in their design, but by giving them a spiral perm, you can create a dynamic and stylish bob style
In the West, bobs with straight hair are common, but fine curls are also very popular because of their design.

Spiral perm x medium hair

This design is one of the most popular spiral perms, with fine rods and tightly curled hair.
The stronger the curl, the easier it is to create a rounded head silhouette.
This model also has fine hair that tends to be flat at the top with no volume to begin with, but it has been given a solid three-dimensional look and the atmosphere has been completely changed.

Spiral perm x long hair

Spiral perms combined with a hair design with short-cut fringes is a fashionable hair design that can easily suit the younger generation.
This hair style is popular with people who like unique designs and vintage clothing.

Can spiral perms be arranged in hair?

Spiral perms allow you to enjoy curly hair with a sense of ridge if you style it down, but you can also tie it up as a hair arrangement or give it a braid, which is quite stylish!
It is very good that the hair is curled tightly at the ends, so just tying it up of course makes it look fashionable.
Perfect for those who like rough hairstyles.
Braid just the fringe or put it in a ponytail and pull the hair on the surface a little to give it a fuzzy look, it's also GOOD!

How to do a spiral perm (Method)

  1. Make a base cut
  2. Select rods that match the finish.
  3. Wrap the rods in a spiral shape from the root while applying the perm solution.
  4. Apply perm solution all over and leave it on.
  5. Remove the perm solution with water or lukewarm water and apply a second solution to fix the curl.
  6. Flush and rinse the whole area.
  7. Use styling products to finish off the curls nicely.

How much does a spiral perm cost and how long does it take?

Prices for spiral perms for women vary widely from salon to salon.
The price is higher than a normal perm because of the time and the amount of chemicals used.
At My Snug Room, the price is £230-280 (including cut).
The treatment time for a spiral perm varies greatly depending on the length of the hair and the number of curls.
  • Short hair/2 hours
  • Medium hair/3 hours
  • Long hair/4 hours

It is a good idea to think about this.

Do you recommend a stronger or weaker spiral perm?

Spiral perms allow you to change the shape of the rods according to the curls you want to achieve, so if you are new to perms or spiral perms, start with a looser design.
The stronger the curl, the more individual the impression.
If you are new to curl styles, you may not be used to fashion, make-up or hair styling, so you can try a stronger spiral perm or other styles once you are used to them.

Spiral perms and twist perms are very popular with men!

Strong perms are becoming increasingly popular, even among men!
If you are dexterous, it is very common for people to use a small iron to create fine curls throughout the hair and then style it by unravelling it to create twisted waves.
With digital perms, it is difficult to perm short hair, but for men it is popular to use cold perms and other techniques to give a stronger perm.
Even with short hair, by applying a strong perm from the root to the front of the hair while missing the ends a little, you can create a short but three-dimensional and dynamic hair design, which is highly recommended!

How to care for your hair after a spiral perm

After applying a spiral perm, make sure you take good care of it.
If you don't take care of your spiral perm after it has been done, the curls will quickly become dull and easy to remove.
Remember to check the following points.

  1. Focus on roots when washing hair
  2. Do not overcomb with a comb
  3. Apply moisturiser after washing hair.

I would like to explain each of these.

Focus on the roots when washing your hair

When washing hair, it is easy to scrub it, but hair is very sensitive after a perm.
Basically, be aware that you should wash your hair with a focus on the scalp, and from the middle to the ends of the hair, only hot water and lightly applied foam will remove dirt, so be careful not to pull or over-wash the permed area too much.

Do not overcomb with a comb.

Combing is often done after bathing. Combing your hair is important, but it is also when your hair is wet that perms tend to come off.
When combing your hair, basically use your fingers to loosen it and when using a comb, use a comb with a rough comb and only comb your hair a minimum number of times.

Apply moisturiser after washing hair.

After a perm, hair is prone to nutrients leaking out of the cuticle and can easily become dry if not moisturised.
After washing your hair and when styling it in the morning, use a moisturiser such as a cream type that provides moisture to the hair or an oil-based product that creates a film on the hair surface

How to style a spiral perm?

Styling is always necessary when a spiral perm is applied.
The important points to remember are.

  1. Use styling products
  2. How to dry according to the design

Know what you need to know.

Use styling products

For styling when you have a spiral perm, you should have a styling product for each of your hair types and hairstyles.
The most commonly used styling products for digital perms are

  • Cream type
  • Oil type
  • Spray wax type

Cream types are ideal for ensuring that the hair is well hydrated.
They are easy to use when wet or after drying.
Like the cream type, the oil type can also be used before or after drying, but the main thing is to apply it after drying, as it gives a very shiny look.
Spray wax is easy to create fine curl nuances by applying it to the entire hair after drying. It is suitable for creating bundles at the ends of the hair or when you want to lightly firm the hair as a whole.

How to dry according to your design

After a spiral perm, hair tends to spread if it is dried naturally.
Even if you originally wanted to express volume, it is easier to get beautiful, shiny curls if you dry your hair with a hairdryer to some extent.
It is very convenient to use a dryer or a dryer that produces a finish similar to that of natural drying, called a hair diffuser.

The best spiral perm in London

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