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What is the hime cut? Check out our customers hime style!!

What is a princess cut hairstyle?

Hime hair cut

The Hime Cut is a hairstyle where the fringes & hair on both sides of the fringes are cut in a straight line at the cheek or chin line.
It is a modern take on the traditional Japanese hairstyle and has certain popularity, especially among young women.
The Hime cut adds a retro touch to the girlish look of the popped fringes and is a great way to create a Japanese Anime look.

What type of face shape is good for Hime cut?

Inverted triangle shape.

The inverted triangle shape, which has a thin chin and a small face, has a perfect balance between the Hime cut, which emphasizes the sides of the face, and the hairstyle.
It will enhance the charm of both.

Round and egg-shaped faces.

They both have a soft, girlish look, which makes them perfect for the girlish image of the hime cut.
We recommend black hair if you want a unique and modish look, and brown hair if you want to blend in with your usual fashion.
You can also play around with colouring your hair, for example by using an inner colour or a high-toned colour at the ends, to create a hairstyle that stands out from the crowd.

How can I cut the hime cut by myself?

1.Separate the hair on both sides from the sides of the fringes to the temples.
If you want a heavier, more princess-cut look, part more, if you want a lighter look, part less.
2.Clip the back of the hair, leaving the hair on the sides.
3.Place the side hair between your index and middle fingers and decide where you want to cut.
Make sure it is about 1cm longer than the length you want to cut, to avoid mistakes.
4. Cut the hair just below your finger in a straight line.
You can cut it parallel or downwards! Parallel hair will give you a cute look, while downwards hair will give you a cool look.
5.Adjust the length of the hair by cutting the ends a little at a time to get the length you want.
6.Cut the hair on the other side in the same way, making sure the length is the same on both sides.
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We would like to share with you some of the Hime cut styles that we have created at My Snug Room.

Bob hair with the hime cut

Hime hair cut

Even with a short hairstyle like a bob, you can change the look of a bob with little movement by cutting only the front part short.

Medium hair with the hime cut

Hime hair cut

If you have medium hair, you can change your image by changing the length of the front part to different designs.
This style of hair is very popular with our followers on Instagram.

Long hair with the hime cut

Hime hair cut

Hime cut for long hair can express the atmosphere of innovative design like Japanese anime or cute and girly look.
This customer is a very popular Instagrammer and was very happy with her new Hime cut.

How do I style my Hime cut?

The Hime cut is generally styled in a straight position.
If you want a pretty look, we recommend curling the ends of your hair into a single curl for a softer look.
If you want a softer look, try curling the ends outwards.
It's easy to style with a straightening iron.

Animated characters with hime cut

Hell girl

Hime hair cut

This anime character is Enma Ai from Hell Girl.
Hell girl is a horror manga, but the hime cut makes her cute too.


Hime hair cut

This anime character is Hikaru Sumire from Aikatsu!
The princess cut looks great even with bright colours.

Where you can get a nice hime cut in London?

Many of you may be interested in trying Hime cut in the future.
It's a very popular hairstyle in London at the moment.
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