----------For Dry Hair

Formulated to untangle, compact and give hair better elasticity.


-----For Damaged Hair

It moisturizes hair in depth making it soft and shiny.


-----For Fragile Hair

It gently cleanses the hair, soothes and calms scalp.


-------Anti Aging

Giving strength and body to fine or stressed hair


----For Dandruff Scalp

It cleanses and purifies the scalp, contrast dandruff problems.


--------For Oily Hair

Keeping the scalp clean without stimulating sebum production.


---For Scalp Detoxifying

Deep cleansing of scalp, and a protective action.


-----For Moisturizing

The mixture of surfactants makes it ideal for all hair types.


-----For Coloured Hair

Protecting the colour and keeping it shiny for a longer period of time.


-----For Nourishing

Ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed.


--------For Dry Hair

It's designed to gently cleanse dry or dehydrated hair, giving it a strong hydration.


------For All Hair Types

It moisturizes and remineralizes all types of hair. It is ideal for frequent use.


------For Curly Hair

It's designed to gently cleanse curly or wavy hair leaving it soft and light, and giving volume.


-------For Frizzy Hair

Ideal for frizzy or unruly hair for a smooth look.


------For All Hair Types

Ideal for all hair types. Its formula is designed to cleanse all hair types in depth.


------For Damaged Hair

It's designed to gently cleanse long or damaged hair, making it shiny and silky.


-------For Fine Hair

It's is designed to gently cleanse the hair making it soft and light, and giving body and volume.