【2021NEW】The best Japanese hair straightening in London

If you are thinking about going to have Japanese hair straightening please read this article and it would be helpful for you.

What is the hime cut? Check out our customers hime style!!

The Hime cut is a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese haircut and is a popular hairstyle among young women.
Let's check out the different lengths of the hime cut, which adds a retro feel to the girlish look, along with how to arrange the hair.



MY SNUG ROOM是伦敦最受欢迎的美容院之一




The Best Asian hair dresser in London

Looking for a good Asian hair dresser in London is very difficult.
There is a lot of information from SNS, Google, and others.
It's hard for you to find the best hair salon that suits you.
Here is some information about the best Asian hair dresser in London.
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The best hair salon to get a Digital perm in London

Are you looking for a hair salon for a digital perm?
Before you book an application you had better to know what is digital perm.
Here are some tips about the Digital perm



ネオウルフやソフトウルフなどまた新たに加熱するウルフカット!海外でもMullet hairやHime cutなどウルフカットが大人気!これからウルフカットをしてみたいと思う方にぜひ参考にしてもらえたら嬉しいです